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Ruden Blockchain

Ruden Holdings Co Ltd is one of the first established traditional businesses moving to truly embrace blockchain technology, with many ambitious plans, including enabling the purchasing of real estate using cryptocurrencies. With the help of a distributed ledger,Ruden is committed to eliminating the isolated data silos of estate agents and reducing the costs & cumbersome transaction times associated with the real estate industry. By removing these barriers & efficiencies Ruden Holdings anticipates a revitalisation of the real estate market and bringing the industry into the modern era.

The real estate industry currently faced with many challenges, such as:

  1. Inaccuracy of real estate related information;
  2. Improper storage and management of data;
  3. Inefficient and costly transaction processes;
  4. Demands for higher real estate properties liquidity.

Join us to hear from Ruden on how they propose to provide solutions to these problems with Blockchain Technology!

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